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The Silence & GODMANツアー、無事終了しました。




The SilenceとGODMANのツアーも広島・岡山・大阪と終え、

■ 9月1日(土)@京都 Urbanguild (075-212-1125)
+ 仙石彬人 : time painting, visual
open 19:00 / start 19:30
adv ¥2500 / door ¥3000

■ 9月2日(日)@東京 東高円寺 UFO Club (03-5306-0240)
open 19:00 / start 19:30
adv ¥2500 / door ¥3000




Message From The Nonmalt (ノンマルトからのメッセージ) / GODMAN
1. Goldova (ゴルドヴァ)
2. Iyamounne (イヤモンヌ)

MIyashta Keiichi : guitar (Mandog)
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, synthesizer (Acid Mothers Temple)
Morita Kiyoshi : bass (ex.Reform, Adios Dios, 黒い森)
Satoshima Nani : drums (Bogulta, Acid Mothers Temple)

Formed in 2005 by 2 members of Acid Mothers Temple, Kawabata Makoto and Higashi Hiroshi, also 3 members of Mandog, Miyashita Keiichi, Enomoto Takayuki, and Watanabe Yasuyuki. Released their first album “GOD ∞ DOG” on the Acid Mothers Temple Label. Subsequently, the band shifted away from a fixed line-up, becoming instead an ad hoc, sporadically active unit led by Kawabata and Miyashita.
The band’s latest line-up features minimal trance guitar, mixed with jazzy passages, of Miyashita Keiichi, aka Mandog. Miyashita is a true wandering guitar bohemian who has enjoyed a deep relationship with Damo Suzuki ever since he played as lead guitarist on the 2002 US tour by Damo Suzuki’s Network. Joint lead guitar is provided by Kawabata “Guru” Makoto, leader and guitarist of Acid Mothers Temple. Kawabata’s guitar work ranges from the explosively loud and ultra-high speed to the ecstacies of eternal guitar drone. On transcendent bass is Morita Kiyoshi, who played in bands like Reform in the late 1970s and released a record and a cassette tape on the legendary Pinakotecha label, before moving to Tokyo to become a studio musician. When he returned to Osaka he has been hailed by the younger members of the underground scene as a senior statesman. On drums is the unique, genius-level talent of Satoshima NANI. Satoshima, hero of Kansai’s Generation Zero (do we even need to keep saying that?), leader of Bogulta, and member of Acid Mothers Temple, Psyche Bugyo, Omoide Hatoba, Amazon Saliva, Human Shower and many more.
Together the sounds they play become the wind, the earth, shooting stars… They roam wild and free across the span of the cosmos, scorching onwards endlessly towards to the ends of the universe. Ultimate cosmic trance psychedelic music!
And now, from this line-up comes the first new album from the group in 13 years, “Message from Nonmalt”!