Flowers of

It was cool for the rainy season.
Also It was a gusty day.

I walked along the the river.
The sound of the river was relaxing.

There were a lot of hydrangea.

I saw interesting flowers.

How weird… This flower was like third eye.

This flower was like Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
And The flower has ferny leaves.


June 17

It was humid today.

I went for a walk around the neighborhood.
I saw a boat on the way.
Small river runs in front of the boat.

I found it too small river for the boat…

stray cat blues

The weather was nice today.
And the moon was beautiful.

By the way,
A stray cat live in my scooter lately.
The cat ran out when I took off the cover of scooter.
But the cat leave own hair on the foot floor of scooter.

I’m glad to be helpful of the cat.