Never Ending Tour


Damo Suzuki Never Ending Tour 2014

7月24日(木)大阪 @ Club Mercury
Damo Suzuki with : Damo meets Mako Band : Yuki Hasegawa (Drums), Kazuya Ishigami (Laptop), Fumihiko Kimura (Percussion), Takashi Miyamoto (Bass), Chie Mukai (Er-Hu), Kousuke Nakajima (Guitar) and Michio Yamaguchi (synthesizer)

7月25日(金)横浜 @ Chat Noir
Damo Suzuki with Melt : Marcos Fernandes (Drums, Synth), Karimata Michio (Flute, Sax), Naoe Miki (Radio), Sawada Joji (Bass), Ueno Takashi (Guitar), Yamada Azusa (Vibraphone, Percussion) and Yokogawa Tadahiko (Violin, Electronics)

7月31日(木)東京 @ Heart+
Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Damo Suzuki comes to Japan in July.
Then He holds concerts in Osaka,Yokohama,and Tokyo.



It hailed strong in Tokyo.
I watched that on news.
I just can’t believe it…
The weather is really strange this year.


There is sandglass on upper shelf.
The big one can measure for thirty minutes.
The small one can measure for one minutes.
And there is thermometer for Atsukan on lower shelf.

I thought that the time measured with sandglass must be luxurious time more than measured without sandglass.

Flowers of

It was cool for the rainy season.
Also It was a gusty day.

I walked along the the river.
The sound of the river was relaxing.

There were a lot of hydrangea.

I saw interesting flowers.

How weird… This flower was like third eye.

This flower was like Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
And The flower has ferny leaves.

June 17

It was humid today.

I went for a walk around the neighborhood.
I saw a boat on the way.
Small river runs in front of the boat.

I found it too small river for the boat…

stray cat blues

The weather was nice today.
And the moon was beautiful.

By the way,
A stray cat live in my scooter lately.
The cat ran out when I took off the cover of scooter.
But the cat leave own hair on the foot floor of scooter.

I’m glad to be helpful of the cat.