When I felt the patterns in the music,
I was rooted to the ground.


Heron again


I met the heron I wrote before again.
The heron was in Shirakawa river in the middle of Gion town this time. It stood quietly on there.
The heron has existed there as one scene.



My senior took me to an Okinawa restaurant.
I had eaten Okinawa foods for the first time in while.
Because almost Okinawa restaurant in my town Tokyo is expensive…I wonder why.

Gouya-Chanpuru,Fu-Chanpuru,Soki (It’s like sparerib),and others.
It was so good. The pork was meltingly tender. Fu in the Chanpuru was nice and soft.

Thank you my senior…

wild duck


I met a wild duck that stood on the bridge.
There were some people around the duck.
The wild duck didn’t mind about them.
But there was a woman who ran away in a hurry because she was scared of the wild duck.
Also the duck flew away soon from there.